When You go on Vacation, bring your pet to the beach!


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Welcome to South Sunset Beach Boarding.  We have been caring for pets since 1997 in a clean and stress free environment keeping your pets safety and happiness as our our main priority.  Located on 70 country acres, we are just two miles from I 70, west of Washington PA, Exit 11, easily accessible from Wheeling WV, Washington PA, Canonsburg, and McMurray area.   Our facility is completely climate controlled: air conditioned during the summer months and in-floor radiant heat in the winter and on cool damp days.  Each pet gets one on one individual attention, and dogs are taken outside and exercised separately in their own private run.  We do not intermingle the dogs that are not from the same family.  It may be a bit more labor intensive to let each dog out into their own run, but feel it is much safer and a lot less stressful for the dogs.

First you may ask, "Why Board my Pet?"

Escape or illness:  Pets left alone at home may become ill or injured between caretakers visits, and need immediate medical care, or escape from the home looking for the owner and become lost. Our home is beside the kennel, so we can monitor the pets 24/7.  I will even check on them during the night if there is a storm going through or I hear unusual barking.  

Obligation: Asking a friend or family member to watch your pet while you are away, may lead to them expecting you to watch their pet in return, which may lead to a strained relationship.

Boredom:  Pets left alone for long periods of time, may become agitated and destructive, especially those with separation issues.  We keep the dogs busy while here and most love the social atmosphere.  Although afternoons are spent napping, just like they usually do at home.

Medication: We are very experienced in giving pets medications, including insulin injections. There is no extra charge for this service.  And we keep the pet on the same medication schedule that you do at home.


Our boarding clients are always commenting about how relaxed they are when they go on vacation because they know their pet is safe and being taken care of so well.